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Leaky taps can not only be annoying but also increase your water bill exponentially. Waterline plumbers are fully qualified and will fix your leaky tap in one visit for one fixed cost. We are committed to being on time and leaving no mess, so you can get on with your day with minimal interruption.

Leaky Taps

Whether you’re refreshing the look of your wet area or replacing old fixtures, Waterline will get your new tap ware installed in one visit for one low fixed cost. Our qualified plumbers will ensure that your taps are fitted correctly so you don’t experience unexpected leaks in the near future.

Tap Ware

Toilet leaks can be caused by many factors. If you want the problem fixed quickly and with no fuss contact us. Our certified plumbers will isolate the problem and have it fixed within one visit. You will have a functional loo back in no time and reduce the risk of unnecessarily wasting water.

Leaky Toilet

Waterline Plumbing can urgently attend to your inconvenient broken drainage systems and have them repaired in the quickest timeframe possible. Our experienced plumbers are fully stocked with the equipment needed to replace or repair your broken drainage system immediately. So for fast, trusted service, contact Waterline Plumbing and Gas today.

Broken Drainage

Waterline Plumbing and gas are experts in hot water installation. Our fully qualified and accredited plumbers are experienced in installing all brands of hot water systems and can give you valuable advice on which system is right for you. Whether your system is gas, solar, or electric – Waterline Plumbing and Gas has you covered.

Hot Water

Water hammer is a specific plumbing noise, which occurs when water is suddenly shut off and brought to a quick halt within the pipe. This creates distinct hammering noise. Plumbing that’s properly installed by us has air chambers, or cushions, that compress when the shock wave hits, softening the blow and preventing this hammering.

Water Hammer

Our plumbers have experience in installing a range of toilets, including new technologies. We are committed to the highest standard of workmanship and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to get a toilet installed efficiently by trusted professionals, look no further than Waterline Plumbing and Gas.

Toilets Installation

Detecting and repairing burst pipes is an essential part of our services at Waterline Plumbing and Gas. Our experienced plumbers will isolate the leak and have it fixed efficiently, saving you money on wasted water. Contact us today and we will send a fully certified plumber, held to Waterlines exceptional standards, to your door and have your burst pipe fixed as quickly as possible.

Burst Pipes