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Whole House System

UV Resistant 316 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Weatherproof Enclosure & Frame- Perfect for Coastal Properties

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The Waterline & Micron Difference

Our mission is to provide Australians with the most affordable and sustainable way to enjoy the highest quality and cleanest freshly filtered water throughout your home and/or workplace.

Experience the benefits of our all-in-one Classic or Platinum Whole House Filtration Systems.

Our systems prevent scale build-up in both your shower, tapware and your appliances to prolong their lifespan.

Improve your overall health and well-being by consuming great-tasting fresh water that is free from unpleasant odours and say goodbye to the drying effects of chlorine with softer skin and hair. Enjoy greater cost efficiency compared to buying bottled water, while also reducing your plastic footprint and minimising landfill waste.

With 100% more capacity than standard 10” x 4.5” filters, our systems provide: greater contact time, increased flow rates, longevity, and enhanced chemical removal.

Whole House Filtration

Suitable for families and organisations that want clean water entering their property and exiting each and every faucet including the shower head.

Your Health

We guarantee to take out 90% of the nasty sediments but leave the good stuff in!

Home Protection

Prevent calcium build up throughout your home; in particular your shower screens and taps.


Reduce your reliance on plastic water bottles with fresh water straight from your tap.

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